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About My Sessions

invest IN LOVE AND remarkable MEMORIEs you can look back on for a lifetime.

Why choose me? I love what I do and never settle for average. I want beautiful light, magic moments, and genuine connection to go along with documenting you.

Where will our shoot take place? - I want to find the perfect location for you so that your personalities shine. Where we start out and end up is all part of the planning process. I am based in Philadelphia but I am willing to travel to surrounding areas.

How long will our session be? - I don't set time limits on my sessions. It's more about capturing the right moments than watching a clock. Typically, family and couple sessions will take between one and two hours and newborn sessions will be between two and three.

What should we wear? - My advice is to choose simple, timeless clothing with no logos, loud patterns or bright colors. Neutrals and muted colors are best and you should try and avoid large areas of black or white. It's important you feel comfortable too so choose clothing that makes you feel good and you'll be able to relax in. If you'd like further help with this, please don't hesitate to ask. It makes a huge difference to your images and is worth getting right!

What time of day should my session be? - If you have your heart set on an outdoor session, then I would strongly recommend scheduling as close to sunrise or sunset as possible for the most beautiful light. If you would like the session to take place in your home, there is greater flexibility.

When to book a sessionMy recommendation is that you book your session well
in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you have a particular date in mind. Certain sessions will require more notice than others. Please see below for more information about the session you are interested in booking.

How much should I expect to spend? - All sessions start at $350, except Birth sessions which start at $900. Each session includes pre-planning, the session itself, a fully edited gallery of the best photos from your session, and digital downloads of all high resolution photos in your gallery. All bookings are secured with a $50 session fee which is a non-refundable deposit. Please note this fee does not include any photos. It will cover my time at our session and the preparation of your images for viewing. 

Family Session

At home, or on location, this session caters for little ones or the whole family - with emphasis placed on creating strong, meaningful imagery that reflects who you are as a family. I would like to help you freeze those special real moments in an authentic & creative way, captured in an editorial style and professionally finished - your family’s unique visual story. I won’t pose you and ask for smiles...  I want you to be yourselves and feel free to play, have cuddles, laugh (or cry!) and enjoy your time together with me. I certainly don’t expect young kids to sit still so I will happily follow them around as they play and explore. I love to see their personalities so feel free to let them muck around a bit. This definitely helps them feel at ease with me and those shots are often some of the best! When a little gentle direction is required I’ll step in, so you can relax and be assured that as long as I’m shooting, you’re doing everything absolutely right!

Maternity Session

It takes an incredible amount of grace and strength to grow a baby. A maternity session is meant to capture this precious fleeting time with a series of tasteful portraits. Your partner and other children are most welcome to join in. Maternity photo shoots take place between 28-34 weeks into your pregnancy.

Birth Session

When a baby is born it’s one of the most powerful, emotional, and miraculous moments we can witness in this world. I will arrive before the baby is born, photograph the birth, and stay to capture those special first hours as you get acquainted with your brand new little one. Birth photography sessions are each unique and many factors go into this very intimate and magnificent moment in your life. Because birth is unpredictable, I limit the number of bookings I take. In order to book a birth session with me, I must be notified a minimum of 4 months in advance.

Newborn Session

 A newborn session is perfect for those who would like a collection of timeless emotive images captured in a documentary storytelling style. Newborn sessions are always done in your home. No props and limited posing, just plenty of real memories of these special early days as a newly expanded family. I like to photograph your new baby between 7-14 days, while they are still nice and sleepy and easy to photograph. These sessions take between 2-3 hours to allow for feeding and settling. I ask that you choose a room with ample daylight, eg. one with a large window, and make sure the room is very warm. Your baby will spend some of the shoot nude, so warmth is essential. I will make a tentative booking for your due date and will wait to hear from you once you are home from the hospital with your new baby. In the years to come, you will love looking back on these moments of joy and chaos your new baby brought to your life.

Couple/Engagement Session

Serving the Greater Philadelphia area, I love to take advantage of all of the stunning locations the city has to offer. We will work together to find the best location for you. I want to capture your love in it's purest form, so please be yourselves and just enjoy your time together in this documentary style photo shoot.

Fresh 48 Session

You've just met your perfect little one. You are bonding with your baby and introducing him or her to family and friends. Those first few days in the hospital with your new baby are a sweet and exciting time. At your hospital session, I'll spend 2 hours capturing documentary style photos of your family as you bond with your little one. These sessions are a great time to capture older siblings meeting their new brother or sister and grandparents meeting their new grandchild.